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Helping You Get More From Your Taxes

A thriving, diverse, and dynamic market awaits you at Outstanding Tax Bloomington. We specialize in helping clients with their financial needs by providing the guidance needed to achieve success.

Doing your own taxes can be highly stressful and time-consuming. You have to gather all of your records from the past year – everything from bank statements and health care bills to company-sponsored mileage reimbursements. Then you have to read through a maze of complex tax laws, fill out a bunch of forms, and hope that by the end of it, your refund will be as close to accurate as possible.

With our assistance, you can save that time and stress because we do all the heavy lifting for you. Our job involves staying current on new tax law developments so we can maximize your returns. We will give you our professional opinion on how much is deductible or creditable, so no matter which method you use for filing – whether standard or itemized deductions – you’ll get every rebate or refund available to you.

Our Mission

Outstanding Tax Bloomington is here to provide tax, legal, and financial services to businesses and individuals. We are committed to excellence through exceptional service. This commitment extends beyond our clients; we care about the communities in which we live and work. Our mission is to help others in achieving their goals while exceeding their expectations.

How Outstanding Tax Bloomington Can Help

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We are committed to helping individuals in every way we can, including homeownership, owning a business, investment opportunities, retirement, and more. We are here to help you make the most of your financial future.

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Make the Most of Your Financial Future.

We offer a wide range of tax services for individuals, from simple returns to more complex needs. Our team is ready to help you with the following:

IRS Representation

The IRS is an overworked and underfunded organization. If you run into problems with the IRS, we can help you get them resolved. Our team of experienced professionals can provide representation services that will support your case and reach an acceptable resolution as quickly as possible so all parties involved feel comfortable going through this process together with us by their side every step of the way- no matter what stage it may be 

Tax Debt Resolution

Being faced with tax debt can be stressful. If the IRS has contacted you about a problem, we can help you resolve it. Our team of professionals will work to find a repayment solution that works for both parties.

Offer In Compromise

If you’ve been struggling financially and owe back taxes, we can help you come up with a solution to settle these debts. We’ll work hard to determine if an offer in compromise is possible for your situation, so you don’t have to face the IRS alone.

Tax Extensions

Did you find yourself unprepared at tax time? Outstanding Tax Bloomington can file for a six-month extension on your behalf using Form 4868; this way, you will have more time to gather everything necessary for filing your taxes again.

Tax Fraud

We understand how bad it feels to have your identity stolen and your taxes filed without your consent- especially if this leaves you on the hook for fines and fees linked to fraudulent returns. Our team is trained to handle such cases and help mitigate their impact.