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When you hear the word “consultant,” what do you think of? You may see a smartly dressed man or woman making a presentation to a large group of people. Or maybe you imagine someone sitting behind a desk pouring over papers. But what about a CPA? What comes to mind when thinking about tax consultants?

In the age of tax reform, measuring your taxes can be a tedious job. But what do you actually know about the words that come out of “Mr. Tax Audit’s” mouth? More importantly, what do they really mean? 

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A Deeper Look Into Your Taxes

In order to gain greater insight into just how much you’re paying in taxes and why it may be worthwhile to consult with a tax consultant. A tax consultant is a professional whose expertise lies in federal and state taxation. These consultants offer guidance for individuals and businesses in many areas, including: 

You Could be Eligible for a Substantial Deduction

After all, why should you have to pay full price for a house when you could be eligible for a substantial deduction? Not only can a consultant help reduce your tax liability, but they can also help provide detailed insight into how that money is being distributed across federal and state agencies.